Worship Arts Team
The Worship Arts Team is always looking for more worshiping musicians to join the Cornerstone music teams. All vocalists and rhythm instruments are welcomed, especially drums and bass guitar.

Sunday Morning Music Teams
Singers and instrumentalists play on a music team approximately 1-2 times per month. In addition to playing at all service(s) on your assigned Sunday, you will also attend the Thursday evening rehearsal prior to your Sunday commitment.

Instrumental Ensembles
Occasionally brass, string, and/or woodwind players will be called upon to play for special worship settings. You will play at all services and attend all rehearsals assigned to that commitment. Many times these musicians will need to improvise and/or write their own parts.

Sound Engineer
This important component of the worship arts team is responsible for transforming the sound created by the musicians into a balanced sound for the room. This is a technical and detailed position, but it is also an opportunity to be an artist. We will train you (at your own pace) to learn how to prepare, set-up, takedown, and run all sound equipment, as well as mix for the various platform teams. Commitment is once to twice a month and attending the Thursday evening rehearsal prior to your Sunday commitment.

Sunday Video Team
Operate the video camera and video recording system to record the music team for the worship arts team, as well as the sermon for the web. Training will be provided, no experience necessary. Commitment is once to twice a month.

Visuals Team
Work behind the scenes in Mission Control displaying song lyrics, videos and PowerPoint. All you need is basic computer skills and an attention to detail. Enjoy interacting with other tech team and worship arts team members. Training is provided. Commitment is once to twice a month and attending the Thursday evening rehearsal prior to your Sunday commitment.

Creative Arts Video Production Team
Creative Arts Video Production Team members create impact videos &/or video-oriented creative worship elements (i.e. sermon series openers, video announcements, vision video).  We are looking for those with experience, creativity, as well as hardware and software to team both production and post-production.

Visual Artists
We’d love to hear from visual artists – photographers, fine artists, sculptors, etc. Contact us to see how you may best serve with your particular gifting. (Commitment varies, depending on the project.)

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