Wedding/Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Perhaps you are considering Cornerstone for your wedding or you are getting married elsewhere but would like Cornerstone to help with your pre-marital preparation.

At Cornerstone, we believe that marriage is a covenant where a man and a woman offer vows before God to live together as one on their journey of following Christ. Our policies regarding weddings and pre-marital preparation emerge from this conviction. 

Since our purpose is to establish Christian marriages in the context of a loving community, weddings at Cornerstone are reserved for individuals who are committed followers of Christ and who have been regularly attending Cornerstone for at least six months prior to their application to be married here.

To begin the pre-marital process at Cornerstone and/or to reserve a wedding date, please complete Cornerstone Church's Premarital Counseling Introductory Packet. (Please keep in mind that because of the nature of the church calendar, we can only schedule dates up to a year in advance, and that due to staff and facility commitments, weddings may not be possible on or around certain holidays.) We encourage couples to allow 6-9 months to complete the preparation process. 

Cornerstone Church's Premarital Counseling Introductory Packet
State of Wisconsin Requirements for marriage license